Deformed Aluminum And Aluminum Alloy State, Code02

The HXXX status codes are as follows:
a) H111
It is suitable for products that have undergone an appropriate amount of work hardening after final annealing, but the degree of work hardening is not as good as that of H11 state.
b) H112
Suitable for hot forming products. The mechanical properties of the product in this state have specified requirements.
c) H116
It is suitable for products made of 5XXX series alloys with magnesium content ≥ 4.0%. These products have specified mechanical and exfoliation corrosion resistance requirements.
d) Status code of checker plate
The state code of the checkered plate and its corresponding state code before embossing are shown in Table 4:

Table 4 Comparison of checker plate and plate state code before embossing
Status code of checkered plate Sheet state code before embossing
H114 O
H124 H11
H224 H21
H324 H31
H134 H12
H234 H22
H334 H32
H144 H13
H244 H23
H344 H33
H154 H14
H254 H24
H354 H34
H164 H15
H264 H25
H364 H35
H174 H16
H274 H26
H374 H36
H184 H17
H284 H27
H384 H37
H194 H18
H294 H28
H394 H38
H195 H19
H295 H29
H395 H39