What can 5086 aluminum plate be processed into?

5086 aluminum is a versatile alloy that can be used for a wide range of applications. It is a high-strength, non-heat treatable alloy that is known for its excellent corrosion resistance, particularly in marine environments. Because of these properties, 5086 aluminum is commonly used for the following:

Marine applications: 5086 aluminum is often used for shipbuilding and other marine applications because of its excellent corrosion resistance in saltwater environments.

Transportation: 5086 aluminum is used in the construction of cars, buses, and trucks because of its high strength and corrosion resistance.

Industrial applications: 5086 aluminum is also used in various industrial applications, such as pressure vessels, tanks, and other structures that require high strength and corrosion resistance.

Construction: Due to its high strength and corrosion resistance,5086 aluminum can be used for various construction applications such as roofing, siding, window frames and more

Other applications: 5086 aluminum is also used in the manufacture of various consumer products, including appliances and electronics.

Plate can be used to create many things through fabrication process such as welding, bending, cutting, drilling and more, creating final products like tank, marine vessel parts, transportation vehicle parts, heavy duty equipment and more

Please let me know if you have any specific use in mind, it will help me to give you more detailed information.


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