6mm Aluminum Plate – ALL Alloy 1-8 Series

6mm aluminum plate

6mm aluminum plate is a commonly used metal sheet made of aluminum alloy. It has the characteristics of light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance, good thermal conductivity, and strong processability. The 6mm aluminum plate can be widely used in fields such as aviation industry, automotive industry, construction industry, and decoration industry. It is often used to manufacture structural parts, shells, chassis, body panels, roofs, curtain walls, advertising boards and other products. The 6mm aluminum plate can also be used to manufacture machined parts such as thin sheets, pipes, and rods.


6mm Aluminium sheet weight

Alloy Aluminum density Thickness  (mm) Width  (mm) Length  (mm)  (pcs) Weight (kg) How many pieces per ton(pcs/T)
1 series alloy 2.71 6 1220 2440 1 48.40 20.66
3 series alloy 2.73 6 1220 2440 1 48.76 20.51
5 series alloy 2.68 6 1220 2440 1 47.87 20.89

What factors should be considered when purchasing 6mm aluminum plate?

Size: The required dimensions of the aluminum plate should be determined, including length, width, and any thickness and weight limitations. Standard sizes for aluminum plates are typically 4 feet by 8 feet, but custom sizes can also be ordered based on specific needs.

Material: There are many different alloy types for 6mm thick aluminum plates, such as 6061-T6, 5052, 7075, and more. Choosing the appropriate alloy should be based on factors such as required strength, corrosion resistance, and workability.

Supplier: Aluminum plate suppliers can be found through online searches or local directories. When choosing a supplier, factors such as price, delivery time, quality, and reputation should be considered. It is recommended to choose a supplier with a good reputation, which can be determined by checking online reviews or consulting with other engineers or manufacturers.

Cost: The cost of the aluminum plate is an important factor to consider when purchasing. Prices can be influenced by factors such as size, alloy type, and market supply and demand. Obtaining quotes from multiple suppliers and comparing prices is recommended before making a purchase.

Delivery time and shipping method: Finally, delivery time and shipping method should be confirmed to ensure that the required aluminum plate arrives on time. Special shipping methods may be necessary for large quantities or sizes of aluminum plates.

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