What is Aircraft aluminum sheet?

Aircraft aluminum sheet is specially made for building airplane structures. They’re created from strong alloys that are lightweight, resistant to rust, and can handle high heat and pressure.

The most commonly used alloys for airplane aluminum sheets are 2024, 6061, and 7075. These alloys have different qualities and are used in different parts of an airplane, depending on what that part needs to do. For example, 2024 is often used for the framework of the wings and body, while 7075 is used for parts that need to be tough, like landing gear and wing fittings.

These sheets come in different thicknesses, from thin sheets used for the outer shell, to thicker ones used for the core of the structure. They’re put through a lot of tests to make sure they meet the high standards required for use in airplanes.

Aircraft aluminum 7075

Aircraft aluminum 7075 is a high-strength alloy that is commonly used in the aerospace industry for the construction of aircraft structures, including wing and fuselage components, landing gear, and other parts that require strength and durability. The 7075 alloy contains zinc, magnesium, and copper, which gives it excellent strength and corrosion resistance properties.

One of the unique features of 7075 aluminum is its ability to be heat-treated, which allows it to be hardened and strengthened even further. This makes it ideal for use in parts that need to withstand high stresses and heavy loads, such as aircraft landing gear.

2024-T3 aluminum sheet

The alloy composition of 2024-T3 aluminum includes copper, magnesium, and manganese, which gives it good machinability and weldability.2024-T3 aluminum sheet is a high-strength aluminum alloy that has been heat-treated and cold-worked to produce a tensile strength of around 70,000 psi. The T3 designation indicates that it has been solution heat-treated and then artificially aged to achieve this strength.

2024-T3 aluminum sheet is commonly used in the aerospace industry for structural components such as wing spars, fuselage frames, and bulkheads.

Aircraft aluminum sheet thickness

The required thickness of aluminum sheets for different parts of an aircraft can vary depending on the specific part and its intended use. In general, sheets used for the exterior skin of the aircraft can be as thin as 0.4 millimeters, while those used for structural components such as wing spars or fuselage frames can be several millimeters thick, ranging from 2 to 20 millimeters or more. The thickness of the sheet used for a particular part is determined by factors such as the stresses it will be subjected to, the weight of the part, and the required strength and durability.

Aircraft Aluminum supplier

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