Polished Aluminium Sheet

Polished aluminum sheet is an aluminum sheet processed by rolling, polishing, and other techniques to give its surface a mirror effect. Polished aluminum sheets are widely used in the fields of architecture, home decoration, and industrial manufacturing.

Mirror polished aluminum sheet

Polished aluminum panels are classified into three types based on their reflectivity: regular polished aluminum panels, mirror anodized aluminum panels, and super mirror aluminum panels. Regular polished aluminum panels typically have a reflectivity of around 86% and are suitable for low-end decorative purposes, but still offer good decorative effects. Mirror anodized aluminum panels and super mirror aluminum panels have a reflectivity of around 95% and are suitable for high-end decoration, as well as for use in high-end electronic products and high-tech research fields.

Different types of mirror polished aluminum sheets have different characteristics. Ordinary polished aluminum sheets are relatively cheap, with a narrow range of applications, and the surface is susceptible to scratches. Mirror polished anodized aluminum sheets and super mirror aluminum sheets have high reflectivity and good corrosion resistance, with a flat and smooth surface, and a wider range of applications.

Polished aluminum sheets are widely used in fields such as building curtain walls, interior decoration, electronic products, aerospace, and automobile manufacturing. Ordinary polished aluminum sheets are generally used for low-end decorations, such as decorative walls and billboards. Mirror anodized aluminum sheets and super-mirror aluminum sheets are suitable for high-end decoration, such as villa door and window frames, and decorative walls in shopping malls.

How can you judge the quality of polished aluminum plates?

After tearing off the protective film, touch the mirror surface with your hand. If your fingerprints are left on the surface, but can be wiped clean with a dry cloth or tissue without leaving any marks, then it is a high-quality mirror-finish anodized aluminum plate. For ordinary polished aluminum plates, fingerprints cannot be wiped clean and will become dirtier with more wiping.

Another test method is to quickly bend a small aluminum plate and put it against your ear. If you hear a slight tearing sound, then it is a mirror-finish anodized aluminum plate. This is because the surface of a mirror-finish anodized aluminum plate has an oxide film similar to corundum, which is structurally different from the aluminum material itself. Therefore, when bent, the oxide film will rupture and emit a slight tearing sound.

How do you keep polished aluminum looking good?

To maintain the gloss and beauty of polished aluminum panels, regular maintenance is required. First, avoid using cleaning agents with hard particles and rough fabrics to clean the surface of the aluminum panel, as this may cause scratches and damage. Instead, use warm water and mild detergent to gently wipe the surface, and then dry it with a soft cloth.

For stubborn stains, specialized aluminum panel cleaners can be used. However, be careful not to let the cleaner stay on the surface of the aluminum panel for too long, as this may cause chemical reactions and damage.

In addition, avoid exposing the aluminum panel to damp and acidic environments, as this will accelerate oxidation and corrosion. When storing and using aluminum panels, keep them dry and clean, and avoid contact with other metals or chemicals.

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